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    Ticker CAH - Cardinal Health, Inc. Common Stock - It's a healthcare company which is defensive. The defensive sector is a sector that usually does not "feel" crysis because healthcare products are needed always. Nowadays, when you see its chart, you can see some potential to grow. Another thing is this - Cardinal Health belongs between dividend aristocrats and it is also part of S&P 500 index.

1.3% of the portfolio.

    Ticker GAIN - Gladstone Investment Corporation Business Development Company - They are a small cap company, so there is a pontential to grow, they have low P/E ratio, so the return can be fast and that is very important to me. What is the fact, they pay high monthly dividends (5.7%p.a.) for more than 15 years. Another plus can be the fact the company pays extra dividends for last couple of years. Debt to assets ratio around 40%. I can see certain stabily and a safe investment in this company.

11.8% of the portfolio

    Ticker PFLT - PennantPark Floating Rate Capital Ltd. Common Stock - A small cap company. P/E 9.21 which is very good in my opinion, debt to assets 58% that I still tolerate. Another important fact to me is the monthly dividend payout (8%+p.a.) for more than 10 years. The chart of the company seems really boring no pumps and no dumps and that I like because it can be a signal for easily created compound effect.

25.5% of the portfolio

    Ticker PREM - Premier African Minerals - Another small cap company which is in commodity mining field. This company currently does researching in Africa and the price is very low. Negative debt to assets ratio is a risk or growth sign. During March 2022 was part of the capital from PREM transfered to SSSS ticker.

0,6% of the portfolio

    Ticker SSSS - SuRo Capital Corp. Common Stock - Again a small cap company. First good sign is - during 2021 almost no debt; the senior managers buy the company's shares, which means they really believe the company will be good. The portfolio of the company shows high diversity. They also do dividend payouts since 2016 and from 2019 it seems like a regular dividend payouts. The dividend yield was extremely high - 60% p.a., which is really high motivation to buy it but also to think about that. During March 2022 the dividend yield decreased under 5%, which is actually a good sign. After some researching thru forums, etc I decided to follow the company and I bought first few shares.

2,6% of the portfolio

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